Allmarket (Ireland) Ltd. is a specialised consultancy company offering a full range of services to companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector. The services range from joint ventures and licensing agreements to marketing support, and advice on local market conditions.



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The Market

Change and Opportunity

The European Union - At last a reality and a cauldron of opportunity. A vast market of 350m people which offers tremendous potential for the dynamic and ambitious company.

As the European Union develops and flexes its economic muscle the potential for the small / medium size entrepreneur has never been greater.
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However, to be successful in these new markets some basic requirements must be met:

  • Market Specific Logistics
  • Identify and Access Local Contacts
  • Knowledge of Local Laws, Regulations and Cultures
  • Provision of Capital

The lack of some, or all, of these have prohibited market entry to many companies in the past.

Allmarket (Ireland) Ltd. was founded to specifically recognise the need of small / medium size companies wishing to compete in new markets. Risks can be minimised by utilising local knowhow thus avoiding basic errors and prohibitive up front market costs.

Image - DoctorBased in Ireland, Allmarket (Ireland) Ltd. is strategically placed to interlink with companies in Europe and through its network to access the growing markets in the USA, Africa and the Pacific rim.

The directors of Allmarket have over 25 years of experience of the healthcare industry, both in Ireland and the rest of Europe. They have extensive in-depth knowledge of the local working conditions and requirements, and have built up a comprehensive network of personal contacts.

These skills, contacts and local 'knowhow' are now available to companies wishing to enter these markets through collaboration with Allmarket (Ireland).

For further details, contact us at [email protected].